Frequently asked questions


How do I sign in to

You can sign in from the homepage or by clicking the login link from any point in the website which is located in the top right hand corner.

If you are a new customer, or an existing DMS Products customer but have not shopped at before, you will be required to register as an online customer. Use the create an account feature on the login page.


How can I view / change my personal details held by DMS Products?

When you are signed in, you can select my account where there is the option to view the account information we hold for you. If you wish to make changes to these details on line, please log in, if however you are having problems our customer care team will be happy to help you, please email the changes required to

You are able to make changes to your email address and password online by following the “my account”  link and then selecting change email address and/or password.


How can I contact DMS Products?

Our customer care team can be emailed at

Telephone at local call rates:  0845 200 1525


Who should I contact about a technical query?

Should you have any technical queries, please email us at


How can I open an DMS Products invoice account?

If you would like to apply for a credit facility with DMS Products (subject to status), please contact our sales team or go to Create an Account page.


Does DMS Products accept international orders?

Yes, no problem. Should you wish to place an order from a country other than the UK, please apply by email:


What is a product code?

A product code is used to identify each unique style.

If you know the product code of the item you want to order, you can enter it into the search box rather than using the side navigation to find the item.


Can I have my order embroidered or screen printed?

This can only be done for orders over 25 units.  Repeat orders require a minimum of 12 garments.  Please apply to


What are promotional codes & how do I use them?

A promotional code entitles you to a specific offer and will change according to the offer that is being promoted.

If you have a code, you will need to enter it during the checkout process on the basket screen. Please press the submit button in order to apply the discount to your order.


How do I select the correct size garment?

Please refer to the sizing guides.


How do I view the shopping basket?

You will be shown an overview of your shopping basket each time you add an item. Alternatively, you can view your basket at any time by clicking on the My Cart link at the very top right hand corner of your screen.


How can I pay?

Please see our payment information page


How do I return an item?

A full credit can be received for unwanted, unworn items by following the process in our returns policy.


How can I view my order history?

Follow the instructions below to view your order history.

  1. Register / login to the website.

  2. Click my account at the top of the screen.

  3. Select view order history from the list of options. There are then two methods for viewing your order history:

    1. Select 'click here to view all orders'

    2. Use the order number, delivery account number, order date, status or time period fields as criteria to refine your search

  4. To maintain site performance results are limited to 99 orders. If the order you wish to view does not display, return to the initial screen to refine your search.

  5. When you have found the order you wish to view click 'select'. The order details will appear including the item & description, colour, size, length, quantity ordered and dispatch information. The 'track' link enables you to view the tracking information held for each item in this order on the courier's website.

  6. To view other orders, return to the initial 'view order history' screen and follow this process again.

Please note the order history function is for information purposes only and is not a system for placing repeat orders.


How can I change my login details / password?

You are able to make changes to your email address and password online by following the “My Account”  link and then selecting change email address and/or password.


How do I log out completely?

In order to logout completely, you should click on the logout button at the top right of your under the basket summary, or just simply close the web page.