Garment Care

We take great care to use quality fabrics for all our ranges. Garments and fabrics are tested under carefully monitored conditions in accordance with internationally recognise standards. Wash tests are undertaken to check the serviceability and longevity of garments.


Garments should be hung with space around them so they do not get creased or squashed. To keep garments in shape we advise to use a hangar suitable for that particular garment.


If a stain occurs please tackle it before it dries. Ideally remove any excess stain, but do not attempt to remove the stain unless you are competent to do so. Depending on the type of stain, some stain removers may be effective, but please test on a small inconspicuous area first. Dry cleaners are experts at stain removal, but it would help them to know what the stain is in order to attempt the best remedy.


Sweatshirts, Knitwear and other Acrylic Garments

Please read and note the wash-care symbols on garment label


  • Wash without other garments in the water – to avoid shedding colour to lighter shade clothes.

  • The wash cycle should be set to a cool temperature and short spin.  Use only the minimum amount of detergent powder which should not contain any bleach.  Beware of bio-powders and do not use too much of concentrated powders or liquids.

  • Do not iron unless advised on garment label.  Direct heat causes the acrylic to relax and stretch and eventually to become brittle which drastically reduces the wear.  Ironing will damage the print on a garment.

  • Smooth the garment into shape and lay it flat to dry.



  • Ironing

  • Tumble drying

  • Over hot washing

  • Ironing over print area

  • Wearing sleeves too long

  • Drying over a convector heater


Always refer to the care label before proceeding, and ensure the care label instructions are adhered to. Only wash garments that have care labels which show they can be hand or machine washed. If hand or machine washing we advise to use colour friendly detergents to maximise the colour life of your garment. Always wash dark colours seperately. Please note that the use of fabric softeners and conditioners may prove detrimental to the performance of some garments..